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SPS Protagonists: Guillermo Carracedo

We have asked Guillermo Carracedo to introduce himself and tell us what he does, what he does… and this was his presentation:

My name is. Guillermo Carracedo, I was born in Santiago de Compostela, although I now live in Costa da Morte, in Galicia, in a small town on the coast, near Finisterre.

I am a professional surfer. I have finished many achievements. Good in Surfing, not so many, but in paddle surfing I have become European champion in 2022, Spanish champion 5 times, four of the last consecutive. Galician champion, 17 times. European Champion with the Spanish team. ISA world runner-up with the Spanish team. And twice fifth in the world in terms of sporting merits.

Regarding my personal life, I am a doctor, also specialized in sports traumatology. I have been a doctor for a basketball team for 2 years and well, I left it because I had my life. The boom of social networks, which was something that opened many doors for me. I hope I can make a living from surfing, but surfing is a minority sport and also paddle surfing and thanks to social networks I have been able to make a living from what I really like. I have been able to share my adventures, my daily life and a little my way of living things, I have been making the Community a little bigger each time until we reach the 4 million followers that we are now. And well, that would be a somewhat general summary. With a lot of passion for life, for adventures, I believe that surfing always goes hand in hand with adventure, discovering places, discovering waves and that is what I dedicate myself to.

I also have a passion for geeky things. And I’m in love with my Flow paddle for paddle surfing. It was a before and after, that discovery in my life. I competed with oars that didn’t suit me at all until at a certain point Oscar left me that oar in the ISA and I finished fifth in the world in El Salvador. And well, not only a before and after, in fact, it may have coincided with my return to competition and with the fact that from that moment on I have hardly lost any championship. I won four consecutive Spanish championships, I was fifth in the world twice and European champion, all since they gave me that paddle.