After overcoming the most acute phase of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, Antonio de la Rosa’s next epic dream already has a name: the Tri Winter Challenge: to get from the southern tip of Argentina to the South Pole alone and by your own means .

In the Pacific, De la Rosa sailed at 30 degrees temperature, standing in the boat he processed himself, 7 meters long and weighing 700 kilos, where he loaded food for 3 months. Under the motto “Let’s save the ocean” he accomplished his feat.

On his next survival test, he expects chilly, churning waters and immense ski and sled rides at 40 degrees below zero.

During confinement, De la Rosa has been shaping the challenge of reaching the South Pole “by air, sea, and land.”

“Start in Ushuaia to get to Livingstone Island”, where the Spanish scientific base in Antarctica is located. It will be about 1,000 kilometers rowing in a sitting position “, located in an interview with Efe.

The peculiarity of the challenge called Tri Winter Challenge is what will face the challenge itself, without external help, in absolute self-sufficiency. “I want to try to be the first man in history to reach the South Pole alone and complete autonomy, from Ushuaia in the extreme south of Argentina to the frozen continent,” he stressed.

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