Expedition to the Antarctic Circle with Antonio de la Rosa


Antonio de la Rosa sends us this article about his latest expedition @alegriamarinerosexpediciones to the Antarctic Circle. As always, he is accompanied by his inseparable adventure companion, our Explorer de la Rosa Design SPS 14’X28″X6″

Hello friends,
During this month of March and together with a group of adventurers and athletes we have sailed on the Schooner El Doblon de Alegria Marineros from the Chilean Island of Navarino to Antarctica to carry out various sports activities, some of them unprecedented in Antarctica such as rowing on boards. Stand up paddle or pedal with aquatic bikes.

In addition, we have completed an even more complex challenge, reaching the Antarctic Circle with the sailboat, 66°33’444″‘ S along part of the Antarctic Peninsula, something that very few vessels of this type have done so far.

We have also been able to make a fantastic trip with mountain skis on Coverville Island, parallel 65 South.

I am already planning the trip with skis and sleigh to the South Pole and completing the 5 Oceans by rowing with the Indico 2025, I will continue to inform you.

“You only live once”

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