Qatar: First Race in Old Port Doha


Although Doha seems like a very modern and avant-garde city, it must be recognized that, for SUP, it is not so modern. Many people practice this sport, but at a higher level for what we say “spending the day” on the beach with family or friends. Those who practice it with a little more level is because in their country of origin they have practiced it with more sporting dedication instead of pure leisure.

So it was super nice to know that we were going to have a meeting for the SUP community organized by the great effort and negotiations of my friend “Armando” who I met on one of my trips in Sardinia more than 10 years ago. We joined forces and the kayakers and I summoned the SUPeros and the dragons. I put together a little team with people who had never touched a board in their lives, with two girls, two men and two women but they had no idea and some had barely ridden my SPS once. The great team of the year!!! And boom! We won in all categories and podiums and very large sums of money. The truth is that for Sunday people they earned a lot and I was speechless. I did not participate since I was on the committee and I had to help in the organization and anyway so that they could compete I had to leave my boards so.

The beautiful thing about this is that we have created a community to meet up to paddle, train and what I really like is that there are kayaks, dragon boats, Sup…practically anything that floats works for us hahaha!!


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