First week of the Pacific SUP Challenge by Antonio de la Rosa


The adventurer Antonio de la Rosa, who intends to be the first person to complete the journey to the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Hawaii on a large surfboard, in complete autonomy and if any type of external support has just completed the first week of expedition Oceanic.

Last Sunday, June 9 at 6 in the morning and after 2 weeks of waiting for unfavorable weather conditions, Antonio left from Cavallo Point, just below the North shore of the well-known Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

On the first day, where the adventurer paddled for 15 hours without interruption in order to overcome the famous currents of the San Francisco Bay, where the old Alcatraz prison is located, and the large number of freighters and large vessels that depart and they enter the great port, they served to be able to move far enough from the coast and prevent the winds and currents from moving their boat to the southern part of the coast, where the most dangerous Maveriks are found, where some of the waves are recorded largest in the world, a paradise for extreme surfers. The following days have been a real ordeal for Antonio, since the absence of wind and a slight current from the South that ascended his boat when it stopped, have been on the verge of destroying the adventure, but Antonio’s determination and his ability to resistance have managed that despite having 4 days the boat making turns with hardly any displacement, managed to avoid approaching the dangerous coast

“A few days before leaving I knew what I would find, the weather forecasts in these times are very accurate, I even thought it would be worse.”

“It was clear that I would have to fight the first days to maintain the position in front of the San Francisco Bay while waiting for the Northwest winds, as it has been” Antonio said.

Indeed, the last 2 days the wind is moving his boat towards the coasts of Low California at a good speed, although it is in danger of entering the calm area, and it would have a situation similar to that of the first days.

It will soon pass near Guadalupe Island, where sightings of the world’s largest white sharks have been recorded.

If you want to follow the route of Antonio’s Oceanic adventure live, you can visit the website:

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